From the recording Rose' On The Roof

This song, “Rose’ On The Roof” is an up tempo dance track inviting you to keep on dancing and enjoy life. This club banger was inspired by David Spradley’s good friend Yolande LeClerc.
This song features Spradley’s masterful synthesizer stylings and production with Cherrie Black’s soaring Lead vocals in the pocket that will keep you wanting more.
Lead Vocals are by Cherrie Black and the Mix is by Rudy Youmans. 
Background vocals: Deb Alane, Tachiana Spradley, Aaron Spradley, Dominique Cole-Rucker, Ray Burton, and David Spradley
If you buy the vocal version you get the instrumental for free. That version will be emailed to you upon successful purchase.
Writers: David Spradley, Cherrie Black
Published by Yeldarps Music ASCAP for SPRAAD Productions