In Pursuit of Phatness

David Lee & The Edge

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“In Pursuit of Phatness”

What is “Phatness?” Well, “phatness” is a synonym for excellence to put it simply. More succinctly, it is a state of being one achieves in any creative art form when everything comes together in the most perfect way. When the chemistry between artists is so mutually satisfying that it is undeniably compels them to create a new entity in their chosen form of expression.

The music of The EDGE covers a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from Jazz to Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock, Dance and even some Reggae and Rap, with an original twist. To sum it all up in one name, The EDGE likes to call their music “Phat Jazz”.

The EDGE hopes you enjoy their music and thanks you for your support. Thank you to God, the ultimate creator! And thank you to: All of the wonderful musicians & singers for sharing their talents, Libby Irwin and the Automotive News/Dupont, Jimmy Romeo for recording our demos, David Bratto & James Harlan for help in designing The EDGE logo and graphics, my son, Bruce Spradley, for all of his help, Drew Ramsey for helping us make our first video, Eddie Harris for producing our award winning video, Dr. Karl Brose for his support, Ron Allen for Graphics and expediting the final steps in finishing our CD, and Kal, Kristen, and Sara at In The Mix Productions. This is a second edition of the original release from 1998.

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